6 month sleep regression

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09 Sep

Hello I'm not even going to lie I'm extremely pissed the fuck off. I just spent the best part of an hour and a half writing a blog post it went good until it got deleted in one fell swoop and I all of a sudden see red and wanted bounce my head off a triple glazed window. I didn't, but the frustration did cause me to consider it! 

I put up a pole on Twitter asking people what they would prefer me to write about, I gave four options and this one won so today I'm writing about '6-month sleep regression', this was neck and neck with 'can men suffer with postpartum depression'  I was going to write about that, but I realised quickly that that would need quite a fair bit of research and I wanted to get something out here on my blog today, because I haven't written anything in almost a month due to a few technical issues.

So as anyone who's read my "sleep regression stress" post you now that sleep regression for me was a bit of a touchy subject, because it seems my son was a brilliant sleeper until he hit his sleep regression stage at 6-weeks. Now this led to a lot of pain, a lot of tears, a lot of tantrums, a lot of missing sleep and the baby didn't seem too fond of it either. Now I'm just going to say this lasted longer than 6-weeks, don't listen to what any of these guidelines tell you . Babies are not books they aren't born in a library, you can't follow one guideline for every one. I'm not a medical health professional by any stretch of the imagination but I am from a family the size of a small army and I know that no two children are exactly the same, this is trialled and tested throughout my entire 28 years of life. It's one of the reasons that I was always very dubious about ever starting a family of my own. I mean there are no guarantees that it's going to be easy or straightforward and believe me, this was not! Some days I've sat there like, I miss sleep, what have I done, how will I survive. My fella asks me if I want a cuppa and I sit there looking like he's asked me to describe Brexit in detail!

No I didn't realise that my son was going through his 6-month sleep regression until he was almost 7 months old, it dawned on me when me and my boyfriend were actually speaking about my son and how much better his sleep had got. I need to rewind a little bit here just to let you know that the reason that he was struggling quite a lot seem to have started from when he was 5 months old because he had been struggling to sleep due to sleep regression and then the milk challenge that we were put on far too soon in my opinion. But when he got to about 4 months old until he was 5 months old he was sleeping quite well through the night it's just in the day that he wasn't sleeping the best, which is why we took other people's advice and we started to wean him so we started to give him a small bit of food throughout the day. People were telling us "give him food he'll sleep really well" "give him a little bit of puree you'll see how happy he will be" "his daily naps will start extending he'll get in a good routine he'll be really pleasant". Well I took that advice and I call bulshit! Did he shite sleep better! All of a sudden my really well sleeping infant had decided to not sleep until midnight and start waking up between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. and sometimes when he woke up at 4 he wouldn't go back to sleep and we all know how that works, so it gets to 6 a.m. he still hasn't been asleep, by this point sun's cracking the flags birds are chirping and you got the Devil On Your Shoulder telling you that this is going to be one shitshow of a day ...and he's right! That little cherub you shot out is napping come 8 am and despite people telling you 'sleep when the baby sleeps' you can't! It's as if they've never met a parent before never mind having BEEN ONE! Sleep when he sleeps? I'm sorry what is this mythical concept? Maybe if I sleep the cleaning fairy will pop by and do my floors? The dinner angel will come down the chimknee and make us a meal while I rest my head or the magic PT within will pop up and shock my abs into form so I can get those compliments no one asked for, stating how well you look after pregnancy, like yes Jane I haven't eaten for 3 days the baby cries whenever I pick up a fork thanks so much for noticing I've dropped the baby weight πŸ™ƒ. 

But me and my fella sat talking one day which started by me commenting on how well rested and SANE I suddenly felt and we realised... it had happened. Our baby boy had been sleeping like an angel, for weeks 😱. And I'm not one to exaggerate, regardless of how dramatic I come across. In parentworld 1 week of unbroken sleep through out the night is insane, it's like a blessing from the Gods and we had TWO of them consecutively! And I'm a girl who likes to help people so I'll let you know...

How did he start sleeping through? I had a youtube recording stand with a phone holder, and as we all know my son LOVES charlies colourforms city and little baby bum lets him chill out. So we decided to put that up on a table next to his cot so he could watch nursery rhymes whilst drifting off and we could watch him on the baby monitor, and we saw that after around 10 minutes he'd drift off. I filled him full of porridge or another heavy-ish food around 1 hour before bed and gave a bottle in the cot for him to self soothe (he wont settle without a bottle yet). Sometimes me or my fella have to stand or lie on the bed next to the cot, leant over like an actual servant to our son patting him or rubbing him on the back until he drifts off and sometimes when he is in an extra cute mood we will have to hold his hand through the last bar slot in the cot just so he knows he isn't alone (it's too cute πŸ€—).

There is no guideline on how to do this, my son isn't a rule to be followed or broken he is an actual human infant and he knows what he wants, I think he's been here before. I feel that this sleep regression really has brought on a BIG growth spurt in him. All of a sudden he's really trying to crawl, he's doing that funny lizard movement where they are up on all fours rocking forward and backward fast like a cat about to cough up a fur ball. He's trying to walk! He NEVER sits still, all of a sudden I have this violent little acrabat who constantly tries to back flip off my knee, he kicks me like a human leg press, he punches me, he smacks me in my eyes, he puts his hands in my mouth and scratches my gums (why, and why is he so fast at it?!), he pokes me in the eyes, tries to rag my lashes off (russians as well!) And claws the top of my boobs, he isn't even breast fed! Like you broke my vagina coming into the world but of course I deserve more pain. You have a whole dad there babe, the most pain he went through was getting a numb arse in the delivery room and a few scratches off the creating of you, but we'll leave that there. 

I personally feel this 6 month sleep regression has been really good for our routine, our collective sanity, his feeding and his development. I've seen such a fast improvement. I will say I personally feel, as they say they are regressing, so I would prepare for your baby to go back to how they originally slept and we were lucky. Our son slept right through when he was a newborn, like I said it wasn't until problems with the milk and the first sleep regression that we saw a negative impact on his sleep. I'd rather prepare so I have the chance to mentally adapt. 

I do hope this helped someone reading. Maybe try a little alone time for your little one but make sure they are safe. Our son has an empty cot except his Dumbo teddy and I even had to cut the tags off because the little shit ragged the sewn in one off his other teddy and tried to eat it on the sly. He thinks heart attacks are funny. 

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Until next time, don't be a stranger and stay safe!

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’–

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