Get that mama glow

Hi there,

I'm coming straight at you with eyes that resemble pissholes in the snow, hair that looks like a frizzy red tumbleweed and a blatant lack of vision, I need new glasses. I've been going through a tough time sleep wise over the last 3 days, it would seem as soon as I wrote about the babies sleep going well, he decided to shit all over it and assert his dominance in the house by waking me up every 45 minutes ever since πŸ‘. Motherhood, it's not for the weak...

I'm so so tired that someone could probably come into my house, hold me at gunpoint and I'd huff and tell them to get on with it. In fact my sleepless attitude would probably drive them out of my house in disgust. You want to come at a woman running on no sleep and caffeine go for it, but I guarantee I'll win. I have a baby who's ready to load shitty nappies for me on demand to throw at you like a fucking javelin champion and supersonic nagging abilities that have been evolving since I met my fella so seriously, come at me. 

So me being the sleep deprived witch I am thought I'd just share a few little tips, not necessarily baby centric to be honest, but kind of quick fixes for when you look a disheveled mess due to lack of sleep. I like to help others what can I say 🀷‍♀️. And these will for the most part be easy ingredients you'll find in the kitchen for skin/hair care and to brighten that tired little face...

#1, hair brush and argon/coconut oil. Hair meet brush. No honestly it makes the world of difference. May seem a simple task people laugh at, but when it takes the careful planning of a ninja just to get your morning poo in, I think you'll find brushing hair is quite a treat. If you're struggling with dry hair I always use argon oil/coconut oil, if I don't use it when I've just washed my hair (which I usually do) I'll use a tiny bit and run through my dry hair just after I brush it to soften it and rid the frizz.

#2, cucumber OR tea bags on the old peep holes. You only need 10 minutes so you could of course do it when or IF the baby naps. It does help rejuvenate the eyes and decrease the eye bags. 

#3 honey and egg face mask. Laugh at me all you want but all I'm saying is 15 minutes into using one of these you'll be confusing me with my 7 month old, break the bank  nope, careful planning needed in order to pamper? Nope. 15 minute at home spa treatment that makes you feel that little but better? Yes! Fuck me, yes! 

Now I don't know about you, I'm no beauty guru, I just like to spread smiles in a non creepy man in white van way. But I think when you have an infant who refuses to sleep, it can really take it's toll on your appearance. People can say I'm shallow or vain if they want, and to an extent you would be right, but I've always felt if you look good on the outside it has a MAJOR positive effect on the inside. It's important that we take some time out for ourselves, selfcare isn't a luxury it's an essential. Why do you think peoppe look at others and comment on how rough they look? Because it is natural to take care of ourselves. We may be parents now, but we were people before then and I imagine the majority had atleast 15-30 minutes of being selfish every week right? Don't feel guilty for it. 

But I promise you (unless you have an allergy/intollerance to any of these ingredients) this little routine will work wonders. Put aside 30 minutes a week for yourself, that's not much! I carefully construct the time so I know shitty nappy at 9.30, face mask prep at 10 and application at 11.30 directly after coffee while baby is asleep, boom! I personally whip some argon or coconut oil in my hair (I've bleached and dyed it this red for a decade so it can get quite dry), put my face mask on, then the tea bags while a little incense is burning. I love it πŸ’œ and my zen is ready. Next thing I wash it off and leave my hair up whilst I get ready and makeup seems to glide on that little bit better. If nothing else, you'll feel better for just taking those 30 minutes in total and 15 minutes to just breathe. I can do a tutorial on it if you would like, I do have a youtube channel I've just not uploaded to it as of yet. If you would like to see a tutorial, let me know in the comments or email me. 

I hope you do try this little chill out session, it was built for a mama on the go go go.

Until next time, don't be a stranger and stay safe.

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’–

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