5 ways to blast the mum tum

Hello there! So let me cut to the chase, clearly if you are reading this either you really want to blast the mum tum/get fitter, or you're trying to catch me out for being wrong but tough titties this shit works. I also need to state I am not a nutritionist or a PT or anything, I'm just a mum who has tried a LOT to get results. In this article I wont blow smoke up your arse and tell you it's going to be easy or to expect results straight away because that isn't realistic, but I AM going to tell you ways that make it easier to lose the weight and abolish the mum tum with minimal time taken away from being a mum because that seems to be the running challenge in doing it for me. I mean I can't even finish a cuppa when the baby is asleep because it's as if he smells the relaxation and BING them baby blues are open faster than you can say nap charlies colorforms city. 

But I also realise that time is of the essence so I'll get straight to the point and save on the reading time if I can. So take a little look below and see 5 things I do to blast the mum tum.

1 - ditch the complex carbs. This sound a lot easier than it is, as with everything in order to lose weight dedication is key, I'm sorry it's true. I tried a coffee detox, most expensive bags of coffee I ever bought, ONLY bags of coffee I ever bought. But I have PCOS and my body seems to cling to carbs for dear life, why did God make me this way? Not on! But within the first week of ditching complex carbs, I lost 1.5lbs. That might not seem like much but it takes running 35 miles on average to lose 1lb of weight. so in essence I saved myself running 52.5 miles by cutting out the complex carbs. These are:

potatoes, both white and sweet



Rice and

Butternut Squash

Instead I replaced them with other vegetables, ie instead of chips or potatoes, I would have a lot of kale, baked broccoli and cauliflower, and boiled vegetables such as carrots, peas and corn. And it really worked for me. Healthy fats are great as well, like salmon, cheese and avocado (I do NOT like avocado but I'm trying to have it with things that make it taste less like buttery cardboard). You can find healthy fats with a quick and easy google search. 

2 - Hula those inches away. I LOVE my weighted hula hoop, I really do talk them up because they are amazing. My mum tum was really hanging low like an apron, it was making me really hate my body to the point my boyfriend even asked 'why are you covering up I was there when you gave birth I've seen it all and I love it' (much to my dismay I specifically told him NOT to look down while I was giving birth, I didn't want him to experience fanny fright!), he's really comforting to be honest but it doesn't matter, it's my body and my confidence. Now obviously do not just jump into this and bare in mind I had done it prior to getting pregnant but I was very flippant. In fact I decided after a year of not doing it that I was going to start and that day I found out I was pregnant so had to stop. But I had some previous muscle mass. I also waited until 8 weeks after I had my son to start again, this is when I felt I was ready but I do highly recommend speaking to your midwife or doctor before starting because every body is different and some take longer to repair after having a baby than others. Back to the matter at hand, I started hulaing again, my hula hoop weighs 2lbs I think, and within a week of starting doing it again I shaved off an inch and a half off my waist, my stomach and 2 inches off my bust, great my bras fit again! Bras are expensive when you have decent sized funbags! I went up to almost a 16 after having my son and now I am back to bordering a 12, my goal is 8-10 as I was before pregnancy. Own fault though I spent my 2nd and 3rd trimesters eating pure shite because I could and I didn't calorie count because, well, why would I add the stress? But please bare in mind that this exercise can cause a bit of damage whilst starting out so please consult your dr or physician before beginning in case your body isn't best equipt for a bit of a beating. I had massive bruising when I started and had to stop because of suspected kidney bruising so please bare that in mind before diving into any of these.

3 - Water water water! 

I know this sound so blatantly obvious but in becoming a parent I feel like the most simplest things that add to our well being fall through the cracks. Now I'm not saying water will make you skinny, behave it's water not a magical elixir. But the reason I know this helps is because I found myself snacking SO much when I was depriving myself of the good old Gods pee, and it was really having an effect. My skin was dry and horrible, I had puffy eyes for some reason, kept waking up (clearly due to the dehydration) but I was ALWAYS hungry. Or so I thought. In reality I was thirsty and no wonder from running round after the baby, yes I know he's practically a vegetable because he can't crawl or anything but he is very demanding. And plus bottles, dishes, baby clothes, bathing, playing with him, cleaning up, tidying, you know all the things you DON'T factor in when thinking of having a baby. I bought a water bottle that marks the hours of the day on so that I can see what I'm drinking and when I should have drank it by, it keeps me on top form. And within the first day I saw how easy it was to stick to my calories. I wasn't foraging through my cupboards like a starving bear, I wasn't even hungry.  Here is what my day would look like:

6 am - get up with the baby (cry from being up so early). give bottle and change bum, go to kitchen and make coffee with sweetener. Have around 100 ml of water before coffee. 

8 am - by now I have drank around 300 ml of water, starting to get a bit hungry.

10 am - breakfast (cue baby waking up from second nap because he smells food he can't eat so I mustn't be allowed either). make coffee too. Swig 100 ml water before having coffee.

12 pm - I have drank 750 ml water by now because it has staved off my hunger for quite some time but now I want a snack because after my 6th wee this morning I'm not bloated any more. I have a snack and then refill my bottle.

between 1 and 3 I'll have another small meal and drink half my water bottle again so that by tea time I can have a big meal and the rest of my water is gone. 

I'll then drink another half bottle usually between 6 pm and 10/11 pm then take some water to bed. It really does help. Trust me try it for yourself and see.

4 - Get off the couch - Have you ever heard the saying 'you wont get the arse you want sitting on the one you have'? Of course you have, we all have (cue eye roll). Basically I am my own worst enemy for this. But can you blame me I mean if you're up from 5-6 am the last thing you want to do is run round the house doing things but needs must! I find one way that seems to work is small burst of HIIT. Easier said than done I know, but even little jogs on the spot or skipping. Honestly if you do a few minute intervals of skipping fast or mountain climbers, 1 minute on 10 seconds off for 5 minutes, and you do it 3 times a day, you'll see the difference in a week and you can fit it in around your babies napping or running away from your kids round the house every now and again.

5 - Count those calories - But do this right! 2 years ago I was training HARD! I was going to the gym 4 times a week doing classes twice a week and full body combat classes once or twice a week too (I find it relieves a lot of pent up anger and stress) so my calorie intake was 1670. This was calculated by my PT and it was working brilliantly. But I was very active so I was losing fat and gaining muscle mass while losing inches. Now that I am literally a stay at home mum I wouldn't be advising myself to eat that many calories and expect to still lose weight because that just isn't realistic. I have always used the my fitness pal app and am now on 1200 calories a day give or take a few and I stick to it. I got myself some weighing scales for my food, some scales for me (to keep me on track) and a measuring tape to watch my waist. I have been calorie counting and ditching the complex carbs for almost 3 weeks now ans I have lost 4 lbs (slow and steady wins the waist). I started at 40 inch bust, 33 inch waist (cringe for me this is a big difference for me) and my stomach was 39 inches and this shit hit me like a brick! I am now bust just under 38 inches, waist 30 and a half inches and my stomach is 26 and a half inches so I'm seeing and feeling some real progress. I trust inches but every now and again I'll hop on the scales especially if I had a fat day the day before as a nice little horrible reminder that I can pile it on VERY quick. It keeps me determined as does looking at pictures of when I was at my physical fittest, you have to do what works for you. For those of you wondering what an average day might look like, here is a little snippet of mine. 

This is what an average day looks like for me -

Like I said you have to do what works for YOU! These are working for me whilst staying at home, I have done them all previously before when I was out and about living my normal life. But I feel it is extremely important to also say, you need to give yourself a few cheat days too. I feel that if you are always sacrificing and being hard on yourself you tend to fall off the wagon so much faster, or at least I do.

But if like me, you want to try a few things that may just be that bit more manageable and you can fit into your daily routine then try this, maybe give it a little go. As with everything people always say consult a dr or dietician before trying these things as what works for some could cause damage for others and I wouldn't like to advise someone to try a weighted hula hoop and end up damaging their kidneys or something so please get some advice before trying things like that. I had massive bruising when I started and had to stop because of suspected kidney bruising so please bare that in mind before diving into any of these. But if you want to try shift that mum tum in ways that really do work, then I do recommend what I am doing at the minute. And you'll be shaking your naked baby maker at your fella in no time! But I want you to see that I do this because it makes ME happy and makes ME comfortable. How I feel on the outside makes me feel good on the inside. so please remember no matter your shape or size...

Feel free to send me a message or comment below if you try it and see any results or have tried it and find it to be helpful, I'm a curious cat and I just beg for some adult conversation other than my fella who just popped his recently shaved baldy head in the door and creepily said 'typy typy'. We have a very good suspicion that our house is haunted so I am NOT  fan of this kind of creep behavior. So please, GIVE ME CONVERSATION!

Be comfy, be you and stay relatable ladies. 

Until next time, don't be a stranger and stay safe.

Much Love

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