Signs he's a fuckboy and you should get gone

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18 Jun
Paint the scene girls, and guys ;), you're single, looking for love and stumble upon someone you think seems great... or at least good enough, we've all been there. And you think to yourself, yes, this is the one, or at least a decent doofer. We all wish we had at one time in life someone to tell us, girl... this is a fuck boy!! Now I'm usually this person for my friends and family, and now I will be that girl for you too because lets be honest if you're still here, you're a part of the group now. So please see below six small signs he's a fuckboy, and why YOU should get the hell out of there!

1) He asks you to 'chill' on your first date
Ladies, we've all been there, you meet a nice guy, he seems to have his shit together, he's a laugh, tall, beautiful to look at and makes you laugh, right? He wants to see you and what does he say 'I'll come round and we can chill' NO! Chill is a fucking temperature you tight ass little twonk. If you are over 16 chill isn't a viable first date. I get people have money issues but come on, if he drives, goes out a lot, works. Or just if the lad WORKS, if he values you or your time, he will NOT be asking you to chill. Take him up on this and you're inviting yourself to fuckboy city my sparkly little horndog.

2) He sends a dick pick (cue the eye roll).
I've spoke to a lot of men, I've spoke to a lot of manchildren. Men will NEVER send a woman a dick pick. A man child however, will. If I don't know you or we're dating, unless I explicitly request one, nothing is going to put me off wanting any part of you, like me opening my phone at family dinner and being greeted by what can only be described as an angry one eyed slug with a droopy speed bag behind it accompanied by a πŸ˜‰ emoji, followed by 'πŸ™ˆ I shouldn't have sent that' when I don't reply. Just don't do it, you don't catch many women pulling off the naked yoga poses, stretching our legs over our head to snap snide pics of our flulahs to send to a guy we liked the look of on tinder at 3pm on a Tuesday friggin afternoon do you?! No! fuckboys are not called fuckMEN for a reason.

Until next tine girls and guys, don't be a stranger and stay safe.

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’–

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