Dad How Do I?

Ok this man is amazing! I wanted him to be my good deed feed for the week. 

Rob Kenney creator of 'Dad how do I?' On youtube decided that he was going to use his previous negative experience with parenting or a lack there of, and spin it on it's head to become not only a father to his own kids, but also to any who are looking for that guidance that so many without a father are lacking. 

Honestly he is incredible, his little dad jokes make it all the more relatable, His honesty and his friendly demeanor. My favourite joke being his 'honey can you jump the van?' Joke, you can see the ending to the joke, you cringe in advance and you still stay for the delivery he is the daddiest dad joke dad and I love it. He teaches you things in the simplest of ways, they stick. Honestly I was looking for my first good news story of the week and couldn't help but love him. I have a dad, I have a grandad but I still found myself sitting there thinking "but I can make room for one more" πŸ˜‚. I stumbled upon him and found myself down a rabbit hole of heart warming videos and subscribing to his channel πŸ™ˆ I don't even have a car, and my boyfriend and dad are always on hand to help but I couldn't help but have my hand in helping his channel grow. 

From a man who's parents stopped doing their job as parents when he was in his mid teens, he has really showed people that an upsetting past can make for the most generous, well meaning and beautiful futures. 

Soon as I saw this I just fell in love with everything about it. I really do hope more people tune in. But he isn't short of views, standing at 2.19MILLION subscribers the man must be doing something right. 

As I'm watching him his intentions are so clear, so obvious and just restore my faith in humanity. He ends his how to jump start a car video with "you got this and I'm proud of you". After watching this the whole way through and I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CAR, I see how he makes it so personal whilst never having met you. He's teaching people how to be safe whilst doing this, exactly what to look for, the why's, the how's and scrolling through the comments on his page I'm genuinely getting a lump in my throat. I'm seeing a lot of "my dad wssn't there for me, I needed this" and "you're the dad I always wish I'd had" I even saw a few commenting saying things like "I didn't even have to type it in, I was stuck and it was like you were there when I needed you", honestly I always say when people are genuine their honest intentions will make an impact, and this man is the human representation of this. 

Honest to God this man is father of the internet and I'm just loving his over all vibe. Watch him here

Rob Kenney you are a hero, and that's why I'm made up I found you and made you my very FIRST positivity story. If the world was made of people like you, we would have no need for laws or lightbulbs because you bring so much light to the world you bloody adorable dad man πŸ€—.

Until next time gang, don't be a stranger and stay safe

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’—

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