Somethings got to give

Hi gang! I'll be honest, I fell off the wagon! I did and I'm not ashamed to say it because I am human. I can eat all the kale and drink all the lemon and cucumber infused water going but if my fella buys me a KFC or a chocolate donut saying no just wont be in my DNA. But it's so important to stay on track as much as possible.

Weight:- so as we all know I lost weight, I lost 10lb of pregnancy weight before I started this series and boy, I'm glad I did. I see my weight fluctuate, my next goal is to get rid of that stubborn 4lbs and make it to a stone lighter! I'm a big believer in inches not pounds, always have been. However I wanted to be on the right track and when my friend told me about these scales I HAD to buy them! I jump on them some days just to see it calculate my water intake and muscle mass, I am in love. Some days I wont even look at the weight I just look at the info, here take a look. 

As you can see my BMI is still too high, but I honestly don't care, it's about the small steps and plus I don't believe in BMI. If I look good and feel good no one can tell me any different. I'm 5ft and curvy, one of my boobs alone weighs around 6lb, if not more I've not weighed them (I don't think it would be accurate). But when you're female you NEED to take into account the time of month you are weighing yourself. I completely understand that my weight right now is 137lbs on the dot, which means I am still exactly where I was when i started this, however I HAVE gone lower. Like I said I fell off the wagon, it's easy to diet when no restaurants are open, but since going out for food I'm struggling more and more. But I'm back on the wagon as of today. 

Focus! For some focus is as simple as looking in the mirror and thinking RIGHT that's that I'm not eating anything bad ever again I'm done, and they'll stick to it! They actually will! But let me tell you, I like food, I love brownies, I live for a good vodka or gin, and don't even come near me with ice cream. Lactose intolerance AND my waist line would take a hit! My focus now is socialising. Yes my boyfriend can throw all the compliments and lies about "you look perfect you've lost loads of weight you look the same as before the baby" but then I put my pre baby clothes on and straight away they scream "HE'S A FUCKING LIAR, DO UP THE ZIP I DARE YOU!" they taunt me. So I know better and clothes never lie. All women want back in them, it's why men think we're hoarders, we keep those jeans in that wardrobe that are 2 sizes too small in the hopes that one day we will bitch slap ourselves enough back into shape. I don't need that kind of negativity right now. So instead I decided for the next 2 weeks it's focus focus focus, it's my best friends birthday night out in just under 2 weeks, if I can go 9 months with out steak I can go 13 days without a takeaway right? I know I can.

Giving myself a chance! I learned long ago that diet plays a huge part in fitness and weight loss, I can practically hear the eye rolls and "obviously" shouts. But seriously I used to hammer the cardio at the gym. I'd eat next to nothing as well and yes I lost weight, but no, I didn't feel good. I was so tired, I was SO cranky and as much as I was losing the weight I still wasn't toned. So I did my research, did you know that diet is around 90% of your weighloss/gains. I mean don't go doing weight training if you're not going to up the protein for muscle growth and repair or you might as well have not bothered. I want legs toned like a racehorse, not an arse flabby as a walrus. So I pulled out the magic bullet (nope, nit a sex toy it's an amazing little blender)  I get a lot of fruit in every shop, mainly berries come at me carb police, and I went and bought 2 packs of my protein powder. And I tried it this morning, and I just want to say the cookies and cream is UN...REAL! Honestly I'm not one for pretending something tastes good when it's like eating starch, this stuff tastes like ice cream and that is with lactose free milk! With 20g of protein in just one scoop and only 1.8g carbohydrates you can't really complain. 

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