My fitness journey

Hi there, I just want to address the fact that I HAVE to do this. Since before I decided to do my mum blog, I started my weight loss journey, but mainly due to time, money and the fact I felt I was lacking a muse, I didn't post it. But I also just didn't know where to start. 

Each week I'll be posting up dates on my weight loss journey, I intend to start by doing my dieting and some workouts and work it up to full scale when this whole night mare that is 2020 and COVID is over. But I didn't expect to be in the situation I'm in right now that's for sure. 

How did I get here? I'm sure you're asking the same bloody question. Honest answer, I got pregnant and got lazy. Seriously I ate like a greedy fat bitch and exercise was down to a few laps around the fridge and trips to the toilet and back. But once I had my son the weight didn't just drop off like I had expected, as if it would whilst sat on the couch eating copious snack packs of malteasers and going nowhere (fuck you lockdown!). I found myself CONSTANTLY moaning about my size, why am I this fat? Why does my back have folds? I'm not even wearing a bra why does it look like I've strapped it too tight when there is fuck all there? Because you let yourself go girl that's why. See my problem is (amongst many) I get annoyed. Annoyed, and frustrated and anxious. I get annoyed with my size when other women so easily are tiny without any effort what so ever, honestly if you're like me how many times do you find yourself thinking "this isn't fucking fair, she just ate a big mac and 3 ice creams and she's still a size 4-6 while I ate a fucking leaf and here I am expanding like self raising dough in a 200° oven, it's out of order". Well, life isn't fair babe. Now you can sit and moan about why it isn't fair or you can grab that shit by the balls and make it your bitch. I get frustrated when I fall off the wagon or I don't see results straight away and it makes me give up. Or I get anxious that my baby is crying while my fella is downstairs with him even though he cries with me too, but I feel like as his mum I HAVE to be there. So I stop my working out, which is so wrong. 

I said to myself that when I had lost a significant amount of weight I would consider a weight loss journey. Because I don't know about you, but I'd rather a fellow flabby mum who jiggles when she wiggles and is honest about hating avocado, than a fitness nut who has washboard abs before she was pregnant. That's me personally, I want results that I can see I can achieve! Plus I'm lazy. So when I stepped on the scales 2 days ago and say that I had lost 10lbs since 28th April, that's 2 months, I decided I'd start this journey. I mean you don't want me spouting off how amazing I am at working out and eating well when I'm exactly the same as I was 2 months ago. I started off at 147lbs post baby, I am now down to 137, give or take due to my water consumption and menstruation cycle, because YES this affects the lot, splendid I know. My waist is down 3 inches, stomach is down 4, hips 2 and bust 2, but I'm mainly about the stomach and waist myself. I can have hips like Kimmy K and tits like Pam Anderson I don't care, in fact bring em on, just don't ask me to run anywhere! 

What have I tried? In the past you name it diet wise and I've probably tried it, juice cleanse, done it, keto, done it, low carb done it, no sweets, done it, only natural foods, done it. Done the squat challenge, plank challenge, crunch challenge, I've ran aimlessly for hours upon hours on the treadmill and spun myself silly on spin bikes. Honestly want to know what worked for me? A combination of weight training and cardio, a PT and krav maga (I LOVE Krav maga), and low carb. I tried diet pills once and had some quite extreme side effects, mentioned them on my old personal twitter and a stranger inboxed me information on them and judging by the checklist I was dangerously close to having a heart attack, my own fault for using diet pills that weren't FDA approved, do NOT do that. 

How did I change? I sat looking through my pictures one night and just wishing myself back as thin as I was wayyy before I was pregnant, I'm talking 5 years ago. I thought back, what worked for me then? And as if I struck gold, my weighted hula hoop, calorie counting and cutting carbs. I also thought of one more little switch up that helped me blast the tum. I did Intermittent Fasting for a while and I know it works for me, it fits in well with my routine (at least it used to) and I can eat what I want, within reason. So I decided I'd throw away the bread, potatoes, rice and pasta, no chips or mash for me and sadly same with the pizzas, although I do have a boyfriend so this "throwing away" is all figurative of course. Let me say, changing your entire eating habits whilst living with someone who doesn't do the same is SO much more difficult than living alone and doing it. The amount of times I have considered singledom because he's cooking chips while I'm filling up on kale and broccoli is astounding. It's just rude though! But you have to realise, I'm the one who wants to better my body and if that fucker can eat chips, pies and cakes and still be slim then again, that's just life being a bastard, because period pains and child birth clearly WEREN'T enough. 

How soon did I see differences? I'll be honest with you, I saw changes pretty much straight away, but then I platoed, so instead of carrying on or switching it up I'd have days I wouldn't bother and then pick back up, I know, stupid. But when you have a baby who screams every time you eat and shits every time you want to work out it becomes soul destroying. Push. Past. It! In the first week I had lost 1.3 inches off my waist, 1.8 inches off my stomach and 1.6 inches off my bust. I know some will be like why would anyone want to lose on their boobs, well me when I've gone up 2 bra sizes due to my back fat! I had also lost 4lbs, it could have been water weight but you just never know. I was pleased to say the least.

I'm still losing and gaining, I'm still up and down, some days I'll eat toast especially when the crotch goblin is having a day of trying to make me bald through tearing out my own hair. But I take these from my calories. Some days my calories will go over but as long as I do a workout I can kind of let it be because I'm human and a life lived through regiment is no life for me, I'm a rebellious spirit by nature even if it isn't in my best interest I can't help it. But intermittent fasting really does help. You can choose your own eating window, join groups online, I'm on a facebook group for it which is brilliant. But you have to find what works for you! Like I said I tried everything I could diet wise and this works for me. 

So stick with me and I'll share my journey with you and hopefully we can lose the mum tum together and PERMANENTLY keep it off! 

Until my next update girls, don't be a stranger and stay safe.

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’–

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