My first week - you've got to do what works for you!

I'm just going to start by saying mum tums... not easy to shift. When I saw my stomach 8 weeks post partum I HATED myself. That's no exaggeration. I've always been very active, very hands on with my own body and weight gain/loss so now it had gone down the shitter I was furious. Yes I had the most amazing little boy due to losing that body and I would do it 10,000 times over if it meant having my beautiful boy but that doesn't mean I had to be ok with the lot of it. I HAD to make changes. 

Before I started this new lifestyle...

Now seeing these pictures was a revelation for me. I could stick my head in the sand and keep eating unhealthily and not moving and be miserable every time I looked at myself OR I could sort my head out and make some little changes.

With that the sugar, went. I swapped my sugar for 2 calorie per spoon sweetener, YES it took some getting used to, but I felt good making the change. Regular milk? Well that got thrown in the bin quicker than you can say calorie counting. I shouldn't have been drinking it anyway, I have a lactose intolerance. I now have unsweetened almond milk. I also started intermittent fasting 12-8pm was my eating window. I didn't change very much but this in the first week, and I lost 3lbs. This was me after the first week...

Of course you may not be able to see a considerable difference but let me tell you, I, felt, amazing! I could feel the difference in my clothes. Inches? Well glad you asked, The inches were down! Here, I logged them in my calendar, take a look below.

So I lost over 1.5 inches on each body part, as a rule I tend to not measure my hips really as I have always had wide hips since the red devil first made an appearance, I don't mind wide hips, I feel like they make dresses look good 🀷‍♀️ they make me feel more feminine and give my body a good shape, as long as that shape isn't round I'm happy.

I had thrown in most complex carbs but continued to eat some, ie bread thins, because although I had said "I'm quitting bread" my boyfriend decided bread thins weren't bread, I have no words but I HATE waste. 

I decided if I wanted to lose weight I HAD to be serious. I couldn't sit pining after my old body but doing nothing to achieve it, I mean, I worked my arse off to get that stomach and mainly the line down it last time. I love the line, to me it's the right amount of toning. It's funny, I used to use Michelle Keegan as fitness inspiration and my body goal, but now I use my own past body as my body goal for now, below is a picture of the line I had, it's also the body I want back I wasn't too slim, I was healthy and slap bang on the right line BMI and muscle weight wise...

What did I cut this time? I cut bread, pasta, rice, whole milk, milk with dairy in, most cereals, sugat, regular chocolate bars (I LOVE Twirls), no chips, reduced oil and butter.

What did I add? A LOT more protein. I eat eggs every day, or atleast 20/21 days they are amazing. Chameleons of food they are! Fibre one bars, oh yes these are my absolute favourite. If you want a brownie, lemon drizzle, BIRTHDAY CAKE they have you covered honestly and at less that 90 cals a pop you can't really complain they slid right into my calorie counting. I also started to eat the Lidl's deluxe peanut and dark chocolate bars, yes they are 218 calories a go, but they fill me for quite a while and are full of protein and healthy fat goodness so I wont complain. I swapped any crisps for pea shoot crisps from lidl, basically baked pea shoots, I get chilli with a twist of lime but I don't really like crisps so a pack of 6 can last me a month easy (if my ganit of a boyfriend doesn't jump in there first!). I love the lpw cal sweet popcorn or sweet and salted, you can get a box of the unpopped salted as well, just over 80 calories a bag! Pop it in the microwave and a couple minutes later nom!!! I added a LOT of fruit I don't really buy into all of this "reduce your fruit intake" due to carbs nonsense. I was brought up in the notion fruit is natural, it's good for you, eat as much as you like, and funnily enough I've never seen a fat person who loves fruit and doesn't eat processed foods. I have to be very careful in saying that because what I mean is I've never seen anyone become over weight with fruit as their main intake of sugar whilst also maintaining a healthy diet/lifestyle. In my eyes eat fruit just try not to be gluttonous (says the girl who once bit into a vine of wax grapes, greedy bitch). I started with a lot of kale and spinach, I even tried avocade but I HATE it. I'm not going to shit in a bowl and tell you it's ice cream. You can't tell people "I live this lifestyle and love it" whilst forcing yourself to eat something you despise, who am I 🀷‍♀️. But I will keep avocado to experiment with in smoothies because like I said I hate waste and it adds a creamy texture so I'm told. 

I started my weighted hula hoop again and had all intentions of hitting 10k in steps every day too. But who am I kidding, we were on lockdown and I had the huge fear of walking past people or my baby getting sick. Honestly this COVID nightmare has reduced me from a person to a shrub shaking in the breeze on days. So my hula hoop was a life saver. I advise finding something that works for you, something you know you can stick to and enjoy, something that can work around your schedule and lifestyle (especially if you have kids). I also love to do bridges and my son loves to sit on me and laugh whilst simultaneously swan dive at my face via grabbing my boobs so I combined the two. I now sit him on the lower of my tummy (where I would usually keep a weight) hum a song to him whilst swaying my hips side to side and then up which is usually when he sprawls his hands ready to try and eat my nose 🀷‍♀️ he's feral at almost 5 months what can I say πŸ˜‚. Got to do what works for you! 

And finally WATER WATER WATER! I have taken to adding slices of lemon/cucumber to my water in the night and putting it in the fridge to chill and infuse over night. I will then drink it in the morning and drink regular water through out the day. I have to actively ensure we have lemons in the house, they are just something I hate buying I really don't know why. Great for detoxification and I honestly think they help my skin when I have a flare up (usually due to being a greedy bitch or hormonal surges, very easy in us females especially with PCOS).

This is JUST the first week I have documented. I just wanted to show you it all starts somewhere, and if I can be sat here 2 months later telling you that I find my way works enough for me to publically announce a fitness journey including pictures that make me massively uncomfortable, you know I think it works.

We can do this people, we can and we will! But as always you have got to do what works for you! I'll be documenting my fitness journey further, of course I will. It's a lifestyle not a fad πŸ’™πŸ’– don't be disheartened if your weight fluctuates too, especially with T.O.M for women water retention is a bitch! Only weigh once a week. Inches over lbs!

Until next time, don't be a stranger and stay safe.

πŸ’™ Much Love πŸ’–

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