5 of the weirdest phobias and their names

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25 May

Okie dokie, lets hit the ground running with this one. I've always loved the human mind and how it works, it really intrigues me and how people are so different. And one thing that has always really peaked my interest about it is phobias. I dive down a rabbit hole with this regularly so bare with me while I walk you through 5 of what I think are the weirdest phobias and what I think about them.

#1, Cherophobia - The fear of being happy 😱. Now this one might sound a little bit irrational and while it completely is... it also isn't. I don't know how many of you are perfectly fine and can sleep soundly when you're happy but I also know anxiety. And people with anxiety probably know this particular fear all too well. You can actually get help for this fear and rightly so. I feel like it resonates with me personally as well. I've always been a prepare for the worst hope for the best kind of girl. But here's how my head works, I'm getting my body where I want it and enjoying myself along the way, my boyfriend seems besotted by me and my son is happy and thriving, but in my head I'm like OK but what if I do lose the weight and get a boss body but my fella WAS telling the truth that he actually does love my jiggly arse and thunder thighs, he really does get turned on by the chub rub and hamster cheeks so he cheats on me with hobag heather 3 doors down while I'm on a run and in doing so we split up so my baby gets confused and refuses to speak because he hates us both so I get depressed and get morbidly obese and end up spending the rest of my adult life as a couch person who's only hope of being successful is by being accepted as an applicant on my 600lb life, so maybe I should just eat the cake and stop the HIIT workout? Does this kind of irrationality sound familiar? If so, maybe you have cherophobia. (I'm not a dr, I'm just a woman with good internet connection my word doesn't mean shit).

#2, Ablutophobia - Alright not to sound harsh but stay away. If you have this then you are afraid of bathing. I'm not entirely sure if this means these people fear any kind of cleanliness about their body or specifically just baths. But I'd need to meet a group with it, although if it is the latter I will definitely be insisting on extreme social distancing. You can tell me your experiences via skype yes? But I bet they would have one hell of an immune system. I suppose just like any fear you'd have to dig a little deeper to find why someone is scared of bathing, like maybe they saw that episode of Taz where that evil Kitty kept attacking him but it was scared of water and if that conniving evil little shit was scared of water I want to know why I should trust it too. I can't even go there, at this rate I'm going to be a smelly bitch who's scared to be happy.

#3, Nomophobia - It scares me that this is actually a fear. The fear of... not having a mobile phone. This. Is. Genuine! Now I don't know about you but this has been a long time coming and it is quite irrational as mobiles aren't natural and we CAN live without them, and easily I may add (she says whilst writing this on her phone). But this is purely a technological anxiety in my eyes. You can't die from not having a phone, however they have saved lives from being able to call an ambulance or police, fire brigade or even just if you need to talk to someone at a very low point especially times like now, during lockdown if you live alone so I can completely see where this one comes from. Even if it is some what worrying that a fear of not having a mobile phone does exist. Fun fact, when I was teenager my dad once told me he wanted my phone back because I had murder with him, I cried like someone had just told me I had 10 minutes left to live. Wouldn't mind but I only really used it to run up a £120 phone bill watching angry kid videos.  Can you say FOMO! 

#4, allodoxaphobia - this one I saw as possibly the rarest of phobias, however I would have to disagree based on personal experience and interaction. This is the fear of opinions. As a species we kind of thrive off bonding right? And bonding is brought about by shared interests, beliefs or experiences. So how can you have shared beliefs etc without peoples opinions effecting our own? I feel that with social media and mental hath issues being so prominent right now, that this fear is quite a popular one. I didn't even realise there was a fear with this name or reason but mayne it is just the least diagnosed as it ties in so neatly with anxiety or social awkwardness. I mean come on, how many of you out there don't write anything on line for fear of someone disagreeing with you and then trying to put you down based on your own opinion with their version of facts? Because I've had my head virtually battered and throat jumped down by hundreds if not thousands of strangers online because they don't agree with me. To someone who struggles with this type of opposition or confrontation this would be a very real and very frequent fear. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into it 🤷‍♀️. Either way shove your opinion up your hoop if you don't agree I'm not here to meet anyones expectations, I'm proud to be the riff raff! I'll climb back under my rock now.


#5, Phobophobia - because what list of strange, erratic phobias would be complete without the fear of fear itself? Phobophobia is the fear of... you guessed it, having a phobia. Talk about a catch 22 or a paradox or what ever you want to call it. This one has my mind blown a bit it's kind of like the whole if you went back in time and warned yourself not to go back in time would any of it happen? 

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