5 facts about animals

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25 May

Ok so the world is so full of doom and gloom that I think we need a little smidge of happiness or something to make us laugh or go whoa, what?! I thought I'll give it a whirl for weirdos like me... So anyone who knows me knows I love a good little random fact.And what better than facts about animals. So without further a due:- 

#1, It is illegal, yes that's right ILLEGAL to own just one guinea pig in Swizerland. Now this might sound crazy, but there is a method in their madness. Guinea pigs are very social animals, now if being locked in a cage for life while some weird giant kept staring at you and forcing you into a little hay den wasn't bad enough, imagine being locked in alone (moment to rock back and forward at the thought). Come on these little fatties are originally from the Andes in South America, they don't really belong in a cage so thanks for giving them company by LAW, Swizerland, land of the compassionate.

#2, Snakes... maybe they can be trusted! Alright hear me out, I know apparently a snake lead us all to being cast out of the garden of Eden but in reality I think that was just Eve the greedy bitch. If you're on a diet and your fella offers you cake, you're probably going to eat the cake, but if a friggin camel offered you cake you'd say no right? Thought so. So lets not blame the snake. Which brings me to my point, apparently snakes can sense earthquakes from upto 75 miles away and FIVE days before! So if you're in a place sitting sipping your cocktails and you see a hoard of snakes slither past like they're riding a wet slide... lash that pornstar martini and leg it whatever way them crafty bastards are slithering to! It just might save your rump 🐍🐍🐍. (Also rats and weasels, but then it's a toss up of being stuck with a gang of germ infested rats or chance tumbling into the bowls of the earth, your call).

#3, Kangaroos, we all know kangaroos yes? Them jumpy, aggressive, hoppy little boxing cuties (they actually scare me). Well here's something you might not have known, all their power is in their tail. Not exactly like, they could still full on fist punch you innthe throat or headlock you like that video where that Joey headlocks that mans dos so the man punches it in the face. BUT if you were to hold it's tail down, it couldn't hop! That is funny to me, and weird. 

How much do we hate crows as a species? 

#4, a flock of crows is called a murder. Who makes these things up? Why do we need a different name for each of these? A gaggle of geese is probably my favourite at the minute because it sounds like you're gargling water and trying to talk. But a MURDER of crows. Why do we hate them so much? I'm going to have to look into this. But to be honest if it's good enough for Maleficent it's good enough for me...

#5, Talk about homeward bound! In 1783 a sheep, a duck and a rooster were the very first passengers on board a hot air balloon. Yes, you read that right. Now if anything were to happen I'm sure the duck and the rooster would be safe because they could start flapping their wings and fly floating before the balloon hit the floor BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SHEEP, so Donny and Richard are sound but fuck poor Steve over there . The wool isn't enough to save the poor thing you alarses! But on a good note no animals were harmwd in the testing of this as 8 minutes and they were back safely on the ground 😁.

I don't know about you, but some of these just blew my little mind. I love a random fact in the morning. Well, random to you, I had to search for them. 

Well have a nice day gals and guys.

Stay safe and don't be a stranger.

πŸ’– Much Love πŸ’™

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